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The Ops Nest Foundation is something PSP Exhibitions are proud to be part of. We are involved with numerous events for Ops Nest a year and Ops Foundation is where industry professionals come together to have hands on experience and pick up some tips when it comes to Audio Visual on their events. 

For this latest session we provided some basic examples of video equipment to show the range in projector sizes, understanding rear and front projection distances and viewing issues. We also showcased plasma screens up to LED walls, different switchers, and all associated video control, including the recording of PowerPoints. We also worked with the teams on audio equipment, understanding different styles of microphone setups, licence requirements, and various control equipment. 

We also included discussing inclusivity with hearing aid loops, different shades of microphone headsets and stage ramps. Also, what is available in terms of sustainability with recycling and rechargeable batteries, LED lighting, digital signage and digital lecterns.

To finish, we used eye-catching lighting to inject a little bit of fun, this allowed them to utilise different LED fixtures to showcase their team logos. We then got the individual teams playing the cable game so they could experience the various types of cabling for video, audio and power.

Speaking to our Exhibitions Director, Trudy Wilde, she says, “This is 1 hour and 45 minutes of attempting to showcase what a supplier can do. We are trying to encourage those in operations roles of varying levels to understand a little more about technology and the role it can play in their events. Learning to prioritise what is needed and where, alongside the importance of certain aspects of the planning. Knowing their contractor should become their best friend and where there is no requirement to be technical, they shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions.”

We can’t wait to do it all again soon. A big thank you to Lou Kiwanuka and the Ops Nest Team for having us!

Trudy Wilde – Exhibitions Director

Heading up our Exhibitions team, delivering over 35 trade shows a year, Trudy knows her onions. When it comes to ultra-complex logistics, she doesn’t break a sweat. Simultaneously managing over 40 theatres across 3 separate countries? A walk in the park!