Live / VirtualExhibitions

When joining the AV Alliance in June 2021 we did not expect to be jetting off to sunny Dubai in November for our first AV Alliance Get Together. 

After the past 18 months of our industry being in turmoil the chance to get on a plane to a live event was something that our Projects Director Adam could not refuse. 

The four day trip saw multiple dinners and full day meetings as well as introductions to some of the main AV Alliance Sponsors, who supply the kit that we use day in day out and also the new, exciting kit that will be hitting the market soon! 

Whilst in Dubai we also had chance to attend the Dubai Expo 2020, which was by far a highlight of the trip. Spending a whole day visiting as many of the global pavilions as possible, taking a personal tour around Germany and stopping for lunch in New Zealand. Walking 16km, free time was spent enjoying multiple shows at the outdoor stages, learning the stories at various pavilions and the main Al Wasr Dome. Admiring the technology as we went, it really was a spectacular showcase of the technology that we work with day to day showing exactly what can be achieved.

It was such a great way to make new friends within the industry as well as making contacts in other countries we have not worked in before. Speaking to and listening to the other members who attended this get together was incredibly interesting. The AV Alliance really does treat its members as an extended family and the get togethers help us to realise that we are all facing the same challenges and frustrations in a post Covid world.

Our time in Dubai was fantastic, full of insightful information brought back and shared at PSP HQ! 

I am sure plenty of the team will be hoping for a look in on the next AV Alliance Get Together…  

Adam Coates – Projects Director

After working within various creative agencies, Adam joined PSP in 2013 to carry on in a hands-on role where he gets the best of both worlds. Competent, confident and a proud northerner, Adam has successfully delivered complex events for up to 5000 people.