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PSP Exhibitions

PSP Exhibitions are proud to base their in depth audio-visual knowledge and professional production standards on years of invaluable experience. 

With hundreds of exhibitions produced all over the globe under our belt, alongside tried and tested procedures, on-site delivery with PSP is prompt and painless.

Working in partnership with exhibition organisers as their audio visual and staging provider, PSP Exhibitions deliver shows across a wide range of industry sectors in all major UK and European exhibition centres.

Taking on projects from the inception, often over a year in advance, PSP Exhibitions are integral to the production, AV and staging delivery throughout all stages of pre-production, on site delivery and post event service.


Our knowledgeable Project Managers approach every enquiry personally, ensuring you’re in safe hands from the moment you get in touch.

Established in 2000, and built on decades of valuable experience, our perfectly balanced team is made up of top-notch industry professionals, with the knowledge and expertise required to deliver your project on time, on budget - and to the highest standard.


Meet your Project manager

Your project is reviewed by the team before matching your requirements to the relevant experience of one of our full-time Exhibition Project Managers. From day one, your PM is your pivotal point of contact throughout the planning and production of your event, providing as much support as you require.


Pre & Post Production

As well as offering on site technical support we can also provide all the pre and post production for you too, including CAD drawings and set designs, 3D visuals, post production encoding and editing.

3D visual renders and set design for events


PSP Exhibitions work closely with your in-house team to come up with solutions to match not only your budget but your imagination. The smallest detail can make the biggest difference even down to a lectern style or stage height, nothing is overlooked. We can provide full graphic wraps or simple coloured panels, voile solutions or stock panels always something to match budgets.


Prep, Test, Load

Prior to your exhibition, your technical show team spend a day or two with us at PSP where we give them a full brief of your expectations.

Then the kit is meticulously tested, preparing it to its show state, packed, carefully labelled and loaded into those heavy black flight cases to be transported to your event venue.


On site support

Headed by a Project Manager, two or even three, PSP Exhibitions ensure that everything on site runs as smoothly as possible. PSP Exhibitions are aware that things can change very quickly and are in touch with the head of each operations team to ensure things run like clockwork.