As the meetings industry is gripped with cancellations and postponements, the need for communication through virtual events and platforms has never been more important. 

No matter your audience size we can help you deliver your message to 10 or 10,000 people. Whether it be from your home office, a customisable studio or from a full-blown conference set up we have your full service solution. 

Let’s keep the world turning!

Webcasting - One way video and audio with audience interaction.

Stream event footage, keynote speeches and presentations with full broadcast quality production values.

Using sophisticated webcasting software; robust and secure servers; alongside broadcast quality AV equipment; PSP’s highly experienced team can deliver media rich, relevant content to your audience almost anywhere in the world.

Fully on brand and tailored to your style and needs, we can integrate you with our webcasting team for your event delivery. You can reach multiple audiences without them even leaving their desk.  

What’s more during a live webcast your remote audience can interact with the presenters with online comments, live polling, virtual chats and get involved in Q&A's just like the real thing.

Virtual Event Platform

With the PSP Virtual Event Hosts you get a fully customisable, branded platform from which you can deliver your message to your audience. Speakers can also take advantage of a bespoke presenter view along with the usual aids to help them through their presentation.

Virtual Event Hosts Features:

Presentation preview - Live feed is relayed back to a personalised presenter layout. This can include slides, countdown clock, a virtual clicker, Q&A section and participants list.

Green Room – PSP set up a green room for presenters to sit and chat with other presenters as well as stay in constant touch with a show producer and technicians for cueing and prepping.

Moderator View Moderators can be set up to manage delegates, choose what view they watch and speak direct to presenters. Questions can be organised and moderated in the background and then sent to speakers for answering.

Virtual clicker - Multiple presenters can cue slides remotely, to ensure a seamless production. 

Live Questions - Presenters can see questions coming in from audience members in a real time chat function.

Polling – Live polling for added audience participation Integration – can be integrated to build word clouds and used as a polling tool should this be preferred.

Audience Reactions – Much like other social medium platforms delegates can react live to the event content. ‘Likes’, ‘Smiley faces’, ‘Angry faces’ and more all available for use.

Virtual comms – Just like a live event, our virtual comms broadcast system connects the technical and production team around the globe. With 6 channels producers and showcallers can call the show and interact with both presenters and moderators and the tech team independently.

Video On Demand - Our webcasting service can also be used for stand-alone Video on Demand (VOD) content. More and more organisations are using the dynamic medium of online video to deliver key messages to wider audiences. PSP can work with you to develop bespoke video and presentation packages to deliver your message to your audience, large or small, on demand anywhere in the world.  

Breakout Rooms Using Collaborative Platforms - Collaborative Platforms such as Teams, Zoom, Webex and GoToMeeting are being used more than ever during this pandemic. We are able to embed these into our platform or facilitate zoom calls and create breakout rooms. We have the expertise to guide you through the different options that are available and partner to find the most suitable one.

We can also add bespoke functions such as live feedback, participants list plus all the analytics after the broadcast to see how engaged your audience was and where you can improve in the future. 

Speak to us about bespoke features or arrange a Virtual Event Hosts demo by calling 0121 486 3288 or

Hybrid Events and Studio Facilities

PSP have a fully functioning studio available for your every need! 

An LED environment lets you present and broadcast in front of a backdrop of your choosing. Whether it be from a comfortable sofa or presenting from a formal lectern we can supply everything you need to communicate with your audience.

Strict measures are placed on the studio environment, with regards to social distancing and cleanliness, to ensure we protect our clients and staff.

PSP Central Hub

We run all our virtual events through our dedicated hub located at our HQ in Birmingham. A dedicated 1gb line up and down we ensures we have enough bandwidth to cover as much as we need as often as we can.

Mobile Webcast Studio

We can also provide a fully functioning mobile or temporary studio to bring to any location. An environment of various sizes lets you present and broadcast from almost any location in the UK. Whether it be from a car park or from a field we can supply everything you need to communicate with your people from one of many temporary structures. 

Strict measures are in place at the studio with regards to social distancing and cleanliness to ensure we protect our clients and staff.

To find out more or arrange a visit for you or one of your clients, give us a call on 0121 486 3288 or click here.

Remote Broadcast Packages

We are able to send out remote presenter broadcast packages to improve the quality of the production. Packages include: broadcast camera, microphone, LED panel lights, 4G routers, green screens and laptop packages.

Virtual Environments

Using our technology we can place you and/or your team in a customised virtual environment to professionally deliver your message without ever leaving your home office with no additional equipment required.

Alternatively you can stand in front of our green screen at PSP HQ with all the benefits of the professional broadcast equipment at our fingertips.