At PSP we are on a journey to deliver and support more sustainable events. 

We understand that reducing the environmental impact of events is important for our clients and for ensuring we operate as a responsible business. However, it also offers a tremendous opportunity for innovation and to create even more successful events. As a result, PSP is implementing green initiatives across its operations and supply chain from switching to more energy efficient technology, to reducing waste and increasing the reuse of materials. 


Climate change is a global emergency, which requires every company to act. We focus on reducing our emissions from transportation as well as those related to the energy use of products.

We encourage our team, when possible, to work remotely and we invest heavily in our own custom servers and networking so that team members can work from anywhere at any time. Onsite crew also travel together to site in crew cars or use public transport. This has resulted in a reduction in the number of commuter trips taken by employees and their related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Increased use of video conferencing, remote desktop access and screen-sharing has also made it incredibly easy for us to communicate with our clients all over the UK and the world and reduced the need for travel. Furthermore, as a full-service company we always seek to minimize the number of trucks required for each event by consolidating AV, set, stage, and furniture onto one truck where possible.

PSP concentrates on reducing the energy use of its equipment and recently invested heavily in state-of-the-art tech, including LED lighting, laser projection, rechargeable digital microphone racks and a complete office lighting overhaul using LED throughout. We continuously evaluate our technology and are always looking to procure more energy efficient products.


PSP is committed to eliminating waste, keeping materials and products in use for as long as possible and to responsibly recycle when necessary.

We have commissioned an overhaul of all our branded materials, switching as much as we can to recycled or upcycled materials. Our mouse mats are made from used rubber tyres, our lanyards from recycled PET and our gilets are made from 100% recycled clothing! We also  have an extensive recycling program in place at our office premises so we can ensure that if materials and products cannot be reused or resold they will be recycled.  


Goodbye, unnecessary plastic bottles. A recent investment in reusable metal bottles for all staff and freelancers not only spreads the message of how serious we are about eliminating waste and providing sustainable events of the future, but every bottle we purchase provides 5 years of clean water to someone living in Africa. Our first purchase of 250 bottles from Givemetap! will provide over 500 years of clean water, and the bottles have been received with great success. 

Waste we generate during our events, including paper and batteries, is brought back to our unit so that our recycling management partners can guarantee the safest and most environmentally friendly and economical recycling solutions. We also offer digitally remote accessed signage that can be updated on-the-fly from anywhere in the world and is a great green alternative to traditional foamex signage.


Working with and educating our suppliers on best practice, we can help to design solutions that reduce waste. We encourage our scenic providers to use blankets instead of bubble wrap and encourage the use of reusable modular hire solutions whenever possible. We are also using set providers with PEFC Chain of Custody certification for forest-based products, which establishes the link from sustainable sources, that are FSC certified, to the final product and includes minimum requirements on health, safety and labour issues; so, we really are looking right down our supply chain to provide the most sustainable builds we can.

We are on a sustainability journey, committed to constant improvement, and excited to keep upping our game with our team, our clients and our suppliers to support more sustainable events.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” 

– Robert Swan, Author

Matt Cockett – Head of Creative Services

The king of content here at PSP, Matt heads up our digital media studio, ensuring 3D visuals, video content, artwork for print and all things creative, are to the highest of high standards... He's also a dab hand when it comes to AR & VR!