Live / VirtualExhibitions

Another great use of our live studio here at PSP HQ earlier this Spring came from Wesleyan’s ‘The Next Step with Wesleyan’ virtual event.

Having provided equipment and technical support for this event since 2019, the team at Wesleyan decided that they still wanted to have this event feel ‘live’ despite the audience viewing in the virtual space. They kept the same set up of the event, a live interview / chat show style presentation with Q&A with the guests with questions coming in live from the virtual audience.

4 live presenters came in to PSP’s live studio including TV and Radio Presenter, Remel London.

The event was streamed live to Wesleyan’s own social media channels, and after a day’s set up and rehearsal the live show ran for 1.5 hours with 300 viewers from across the UK.

It’s been great to continue our relationship with Wesleyan and we should hopefully see a repeat of this event later in the Autumn.

Mike Featherstone – Project Manager

Mike's been with PSP since day 1, and worked closely with our Directors for another 10 years before that! A true technical guru who’s dedicated to the cause, Mike can often be found on late night conference calls with his clients on the other side of the pond