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PSP were absolutely thrilled to engage in a delightful collaboration with Top Banana, a partnership that brought the enchanting Wolseley Charity Ball to vibrant reality! 

The elegant charity ball took place at The Vox in Birmingham. The theme for the evening was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and we crafted an immersive experience for guests. 

As guests traversed 'through the Rabbit Hole,' they were seamlessly transported into the heart of the main room, where a world of wonder awaited. Neon archways, adorned with the mesmerising glow of Titan Tubes, cast an ethereal light, while gentle tendrils of low-lying fog added an extra layer of enchantment, evoking the magical essence of 'Wonderland.' 

With meticulous attention to detail, our in-house creative team crafted visuals that not only brought the client's vision to life but ensured a perfect alignment with their desires at every turn. From conceptualisation to execution, precision and creativity were our guiding principle, resulting in an experience that exceeded expectations. 

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Tom Fuller – Project Manager

Tom has made his mark with many clients in the UK and abroad already and has won the office over with his award-winning cakes and egg deliveries!