With live events coming to a halt for the time being, the Professional division of Miele GB took the wise decision to keep communicating with their partners, customers and press to mark the launch of the new generation of laundry machines. 

Using the initial ideas for the live product launch of the Little Giants range, PSP worked in close partnership with agency Parallel Blue to create a slick, engaging and memorable virtual event using our in-house live studio.

Consisting of a 6m x 3m digital LED backdrop, 3x broadcast cameras, professional audio, lighting and web streaming set up, Miele made the environment their own by incorporating demonstrations of products from their new Performance and Performance Plus range of washers and dryers.

Prior to the event, we set Miele up with a fully customised streaming platform hosted on our in-house system, Virtual Event Hosts (VEH). This state-of-the-art platform managed delegate registration, Q&A, voting and polling, instant viewer reactions and all the analytics post event.

With one rehearsal and two live show days, PSP hosted 8 presenters on site at our Birmingham studio, with a crew of 6 technicians all planned out thoughtfully in line with social distancing regulations. 

The virtual event hosted an introduction from Dr Markus Miele, a live presentation session with digital slides showing off all the features of the new product range and a live product demo on stage. Using the polling feature of VEH, Miele held a quiz for the audience with the winner receiving a sought after and very useful prize, the new Miele Triflex cordless vacuum.

All registered viewers received a gift boxed bottle of champagne in the post to crack open with the Miele team once the presentations had come to a close.

The event was Miele Professionals first major product launch in the UK in 15 years but despite sadly being unable to go ahead as originally planned in a face to face environment, still proved a success with some great feedback all round.

“A massive thank you to you and the team for a really great three days... We were all delighted with the overall result and professionalism of the broadcast and have received some very positive feedback. The brief was simple, to broadcast a high quality, premium event with plenty of interaction and engagement and that is exactly what was achieved. ”

  -Melissa Kershaw, Miele

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Mike Featherstone – Project Manager

Mike's been with PSP since day 1, and worked closely with our Directors for another 10 years before that! A true technical guru who’s dedicated to the cause, Mike can often be found on late night conference calls with his clients on the other side of the pond