ExhibitionsLive / Virtual

As well as offering on site technical support we can also do all the pre and post production for you too, including CAD and set drawings, visuals and post production encoding and editing.   

  • Multiple exhibition theatres CAD drawing - we are experienced in plotting theatres to ensure seats fit into the space required, AV, sets and Staging are plotted in the best position
  • Site visits and face to face production meetings
  • Specialist crew booking
  • Logistics management including trucking, transfers, carnets and crew accommodation
  • H&S – All RAMS are delivered using our very easy straight forward online link system. PSP Exhibitions are covered for 10million Liability Insurances
  • Encoding and uploading to Vimeo is something we  with the on-site power point/audio capture being delivered as required
  • Filming and Editing is a service PSP Exhibitions are requested to do within numerous shows, whether it be a full on edit or a simple top/tailing exercise all is within our remit.
  • Timelapse is always a “nice to have” option for any organiser to show the scope of the build schedule and PSP exhibitions are happily able to offer this service.